The Need

Built in 1952, the East Providence High School building has outlived its useful life. The infrastructure of the facility is failing and cannot be repaired or replaced in a cost-effective way.

The Providence Journal highlighted the facilities problems at East Providence High School, “East Providence High School a ‘bomb’ of maintenance problems,” describing it as “emblematic of the pent-up demand for new school facilities across Rhode Island.”

A feasibility study conducted in 2017 affirmed that the district would have to spend at least $100 million just to bring the high school up to code. That estimate included no investments in the Career and Technical Center building, no improvements to athletic fields, and no changes to the layout of the building to meet today’s educational standards.

Some of the facilities challenges at EPHS include:

  • There is only one science laboratory for 1,500 students, placing the school at risk of losing its accreditation.
  • Classrooms are significantly undersized and do not support best practices in teaching and learning.
  • Career and Technical Education programs are located in inadequate spaces, out of compliance with current standards.
  • Most classrooms have only one electrical outlet, which greatly limits the use of instructional technology.
  • The facility is not energy efficient or compliant with security best practices.
  • Faulty heating systems require some classrooms to be closed on cold days.
  • The swimming pool wing is closed due to structural deficiencies and has been inoperable for five years.
  • The football field and track cannot be used for competitive athletics due to poor condition.
  • The mechanical / electrical room is below grade and often floods, resulting in four inches of water accumulating around critical building systems.
  • The building has original HVAC and electrical components, for which spare parts are no longer available.

For more information about the need and opportunity to build a new facility, see East Providence’s applications to RIDE for State funding to support the project:

Watch a story that aired on ABC6 News about the first community forum and the need for a new facility.